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Expert Tanners and Quality Hides

We are a tannery that takes pride in working along side the taxidermy community.

We are not a suppliers or taxidermists. With daily pick up services we can help you save on shipping!

Give us a call with the dimensions and weight of your package and we will pass on our savings from UPS and other freight carriers.

As a family owned business, we take pride in providing superior craftsmanship, quality product and excellent customer service. Our founder/owner, Armando Navas gleaned the importance of his work from his father, and today we continue to provide the same dedication and attention to detail that makes Wildlife Fur Dressing the most prosperous tanning business in the US market.


When you need expert tanning at a great price, Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. has exactly what you need. We've been meeting the tanning needs of expert taxidermists world wide for two generations. Our reputation for providing professional quality work at a fair price is well known.

Wildlife fur dressing has the tools, experience, and know-how required to fulfill all your wet or dry tanning needs.

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Our tanning facility employs the latest and in technology, and we’ve built everything in our shop from the ground up to ensure the best possible tanning results. Our location is fully USDA approved, and our workers know all there is to know about tanning – in fact, some of our fleshers have been working here for over 15 years!