Blade Sharpening

In addition to our premium tanning services, we also provide professional Blade Sharpening. We can sharpen any blade with a circumference of 10-12 inches, and our custom sharpening equipment ensures a much keener edge that you would receive with a simple whetstone. Group orders are welcome  sharpen five or more blades and receive a discount!
2-3 day return time
For more information regarding Blade Sharpening Service. Call 209-538-2901 or e-mail us to request  information at

Use a 10 to 12 inch blade circumference for best results.
Sharpening, regrinding dull knives
  • 1-4 blades $ 25 each
  • 5 or more blades $ 23 each
New 12" Blades Sharpened
  • $ 100 each
Sharpening Steel Set, honing blade
  • Top & Bottom wood handle steel set $ 30

B l a d e  T i p s

Tip: Use foam padding to cover blades

Example: foam then blade, foam then blade, etc. Use a sturdy box and seal heavily with tape.

Write "Blade Service" on box. Please advise our office of arrival date.