Customer Testimonials

In order for any taxidermist to produce a good quality and professional work, you have to have a skin prepared and tanned by professional people. Wildlife Fur Dressing Inc. does quality and professional work for me and has for several years. I've been in business for 28 years.

Hello, my name is Mark Miller. For over 25 years, I have owned and operated a full time taxidermy studio in Mesa, AZ. I have used a variety of tanneries in that time and found Wildlife Fur Dressing the most dependable and consistent in both quality of product and customer service. I really appreciate the personal service I receive from the staff.

Mark's Southwestern Taxidermy Studio

I have been utilizing Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. of Ceres, California for twenty plus years to process my assorted shop hides. This varies from large bison robes, elk, moose, and deer capes, bobcat, fox, coyote, and others on down to muskrat and martin. They were all returned with ears and lips in good condition. No bear claws were missing because of wiring or stapling before processing. I have been satisfied with their service and delivery of finished items and with continue to ship customers pelts to Wildlife tanning.

Ernest's Taxidermy

My name is Trevor Foster, owner and operator of Foster's Taxidermy in Ogallala Nebraska. I have used Wildlife fur dressing for at least 14 years, when it comes to a good quality wet tan with excellent stretch and minimal shrinkage I trust all of my lifesize skins and capes to wildlife fur. From African to Canadian to all my western game I use only wildlife fur dressing to handle all my wet tan needs. It doesn't matter whether it be a customer mount, a mount for Cabela's or a competition piece Wildlife fur is my tannery of choice. I have won numerous blue ribbons and in 2005 I won Best Professional Game Head, and The award of excellence for Mule Deer. Thank you to all employees and staff at wildlife fur, you have earned my trust for all my tanning needs. You deserve a wholehearted thank you from my customers and from myself, thank you.

Foster's Taxidermy

I have been using Wildlife Fur Dressing for about 7 years now. Their speed and quality has kept me very pleased. They have such great success on all their African wet tans!!......Their tan has an amazing stretch I have not found anywhere else. They have the fastest turn around and great customer service. I am very impressed with the quality of their tan.

Jim Burton Taxidermy

Peyser Taxidermy HIGHLY recommends Wildlife Fur Dressing Inc. for all your tanning needs!! They offer a very high quality service with a super fast turnaround time that is so very important to the Taxidermy business. From dry tans to wet tans with exceptional stretch and care taken on every hide from lifesize to capes from North America to Africa they are the BEST. I have tried almost every tannery around and have stayed with Wildlife Fur Dressing Inc. for years since they are the finest in all aspects of tanning, customer service, shipping, turn around time and at a personal level.

Peyser Taxidermy

We like the personal service from Wildlife Fur. We have used them for everything from life-sized Elephant, to North American Deer and Bear. They are a very dependable and an important part of our taxidermy business. If you insist on the best, use Wildlife Fur Dressing. They are they best!

Keith's Taxidermy Studio

My name is Robert Bennett and I have been using Wildlife Fur Dressing for quite a few years now. I just wanted to give a big Thanks and Great Job to the staff at Wildlife Fur Dressing for treating me so well. They provide great professional customer service and have a quick response time on any questions that I may have. They have excellent quality on their wet tan which has great stretch. They also have quick turnaround which in the taxidermy business is important. I highly recommend Wildlife Fur Dressing to anybody for their tanning needs. Big thanks again and keep up the good work!!

Burly's Taxidermy

Excellent Stretch! Clean Fur! Great Service! Beauty is only skin deep. Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. They are Beautiful!!

Bob McGinnis Taxidermy

I have used Wildlife Fur Dressing for my personal use and for my paying customers for many years. I have tried other tanneries but have always been disappointed. I live in North Carolina, even with higher shipping charges I still use Wildlife Fur Dressing because they produce the best tanning and they have lower prices. If you are looking for a Tannery that has great customer service, the fastest turn around, and most of all the best tanning job possible, then Wildlife Fur Dressing is the only choice.<

Joe Mull, Joe's Taxidermy

I started using Wildlife Fur in fall of 2006. I have been very impressed with the quality of service. I appreciate how professional and how polite they are on how they handle my account. If there is a problem with anything, they call me. They notify me with a phone call when orders are done. They even call me after I have received the item to see if I am happy with the order. I am extremely impressed with turn-around times and the exceptional stretch and cleanliness of the tan that they use. I highly recommend them for African work.

Gamebird Taxidermy

Rick Smith, Taxidermist and owner of A + Taxidermy would like to express my sincere thanks to all the folks at Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. for all the great work they do. I have used many tanneries over the years and have never found a more professional tannery than Wildlife Fur Dressing. They provide great customer service, great wet and dry tans, and extremely quick turnaround times. Why chance anywhere else? I consider the staff of Wildlife Fur Dressing my extended taxidermy family and that's why I will continue to use wildlife Fur Dressing for all my tannery needs.

A+ Taxidermy Rick Smith

"Wildlife Fur Dressing has been a tremendous help in the success of my business. Providing quick, reliable turnaround times on all my wet tan orders of capes and full hides, I can get to work mounting instead of waiting until after hunting season is over. Dry tans are soft and pliable leather that the customers really appreciate. Thanks Wildlife Fur Dressing!"

B&L Quality Taxidermy

Wildlife Fur Dressing, I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the great service that you have provided me over the years. I am celebrating my 15th year in taxidermy and I tried tanning some of my own hides for a couple of years and then with time being of the essence, I started sending them out to have them commercially done. Since then I have used 4 different companies to which I was never really satisfied with. Some of the issues I had with other tanneries were having holes cut in my hides while processing, one tannery lost a few skins and tried shipping others in to replace them without any notice, a couple of them no matter how you skinned your hide would charge me a "special incision charge". I never knew what my skins were going to cost me till I got them back and another large problem was being quoted a 30 day turn around that ended up being a 6 month turn around. All these in addition to thick unmanageable hides started me thinking about tanning my own again.

Danny Wahl, Taxidermist