Dry Tanning Services

Current completion times 90-120 Days!

Tan all of Noah's Ark with a Dry Tan at Wildlife Fur Dressing. Late Spring through Summer completion times decrease offering you above adequate return time.

Mid Autumn and Winter completion time may increase from 80 to 140 days .

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Savings, Savings, Savings $$$
  • NO short incision charges on Deer or Antelope, and Black buck Capes
  • Compare our completion times, quality, and low prices with the rest and realize the difference...
Re-Hyrdation Instructions

Dry Tan Hydration for Mounting 
Capes / Half Mounts / Lifesize and Rugs. 
Small Game: ½ hour to 45 minutes hydration. 
Large Game: 45 minutes to 1 hour hydration. 
(Periodically check skin every 20 minutes.) 
Never leave skin hydrating over night.

Download Complete Dry Tan Re-Hydration Instructions here


C o n t a c t

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