The Facilities at Wildlife Fur

Working leather takes far more than just a sharp knife. Understanding the biology, chemistry, and timing involved in transforming a raw pelt into a beautifully finished piece of art requires dedication and an attention to detail that can only be learned from experience.
Two lifetimes of experience are reflected in the completely custom-built facilities here at Wildlife Fur Dressing. Each piece of machinery, all of our fleshing equipment, and every step in the tanning process is the result of the knowledge our family has gathered from over 40 years in the trade. From ensuring that the flesh scraping process leaves the pelt undamaged to allowing the skins to breathe for the proper amount of time after being worked, we understand the important elements tanning process thoroughly from front to back.
Our USDA approved facilities reflect the unique, time-tested techniques perfected by Armando Sr. and sons. All of our equipment has been specially crafted to support the methods Wildlife Fur Dressing uses to provide the highest quality fur at the lowest price possible.
Regardless of the size or scope of your project, Wildlife Fur Dressing can handle it! From the biggest life sized elephant to the most delicate feline skin, we have the tools and training to complete your project perfectly, on time, and within your budget.