Damage Policy

Damage Policy

We are aware of the importance of your hunter’s trophies. We are also aware that the salted and dried capes and life-sizes can be subject to cracked lips, legs, tails, ears and muzzles during the shipping and handling to our tannery. On seldom occasion ears may become entangled with other capes during our tumbling process and rip out the entire inner ear. When this happens we will send back the inner ear, but will not repair nor replace the cape.

We reserve the right to refuse to process and handle any skins that are unfit to be tanned with hair on at any time during the tanning process.






If we consider that you can repair the hide or cape, we will continue the process without notifying you.
By remitting skins for tanning, you agree to limit damages as set forth above. You understand that due to many factors that have an effect on the final result of fur dressing ALL TANNING IS ACCEPTED AT THE OWNER’S RISK. Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. cannot and does not guarantee a specific result.
If our quality control department decides that any hide with damage is repairable it will be continued and charged at regular tanning costs. We may call you only to inform about any rejected hides or capes.

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S h i p p i n g

Passing extended date time will incur a $15 weekly storage fee and interest charges.