Wet Tanning Services

Average completion time: 30-45 days!

Tan all of Noah's Ark with a Wet Tan at Wildlife Fur Dressing.
  • Capes, Half Mounts or Life size Mounts
  • NO short incision charge on White tail Deer Capes
  • *60 day completion on heavy skins such as Elephant, Rhino,
  • Hippo, Giraffe, and Cape Buffalo.
Wet Tanning is a highly requested service year-round.  That speaks volumes of the benefits Wet Tans provide. The difference is noted at mounting. Try it on a couple of items. You will be impressed. Periodically return to see our recent completion times  on our home page

What are the benefits of Wet Tanning?

  • Maintains original size and softness while mounting.
  • Meticulous fleshing job.
  • Original fresh look.
  • Save time on labor during mounting.
  • Minimal or no finishing work.
  • Leather is completely oil treated to help prevent cracking after mounted.
  • No oily residue
  • Bottom line: Wet Tanning saves you time and money!

I n s t r u c t i o n s

Hyrdation Instructions

Remember to follow our H2O Hydration Sheet provided with completed order if skin is drying or lacking stretch.

Download Wet Tan Hydration Instructions Here

Keep skin individually bagged, freeze or refrigerate if not mounting within 30 days.