Wet Tan Rehydration Instructions

  • Wet Tan: All skins are oil treated to help prevent cracks after mounted. 
  • Wet tan skin(s) need to be kept individually bagged and placed in freezer. 
  • Got Stretch?Hydrate! 

Soaking Instructions: If deemed necessary to moisten or relax skin for stretch. 

  • Soaking Instructions: Per 5 gal. of Luke warm water (not scolding), churn water adding a handful of salt and Liquid Ivory Soap until water suds. Or mix 2 spoonfuls of dishwasher machine soap with water. (Cascade or Electra Soap). Use spray bottle or dampen a rag and apply onto leather. 
  • Second choice; submerge skin underwater no longer than 1 minute. Rinse hair under water to remove debris if any on hair. Remove from water, squeeze skin and ears by hand to remove excess water. 
Added feature not required
  • Satinol Oil, can aid in providing more stretch / relaxed softness. 
  • At you own discretion start oiling process prior to hydration. 
  • Per quart of Satinol Oil, add one cup of water heat in microwave for 2 minutes. Lightly brush oil onto leather side. A quart may allow up to 8 capes. 
  • Otherwise, per ¾ cup of Satinol oil add ¼ cup of water and Microwave for 1 minute. 1‐3 capes 
  • Start with leather on leather, role headfirst with hair on the outside. Place in plastic bag to sweat and seal it. If mounting the next day place in fridge. If mounting at a later date freeze. 
  • Let skin sweat over night or all day in the same sealed bag. 
  • Satinol Oil is purchased at Research, McKenzie’s or suppliers of your choice.