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Armando Navas II is the founder and owner of Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. since 1984 but started the trade with his father in Nicaragua dating back to 1955. At age 17, he was sent off to a school in Germany for a few years to study chemistry, physics and histology. When the Nicaraguan government took over, Armando decided to pursue his passion in the United States and came to California. In the early 80’s Armando started working for New Method Fur Dressing, a tannery in San Francisco. Thereafter, he moved to the central valley where Wildlife Fur Dressing was founded.

USDA Approved

USDA Approved

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International Shipments
USDA seal

Call or email to request your broker informational document(s) package link. Customer service will contact you upon shipment arrival for tanning preference. If we are not instructed, we will proceed with wet tanning capes, life-size and dry tan flat hides. Multiple hunters we’ll mark separate code numbers for identification. Barring skin(s) come tagged with hunter(s) name.


Our Shipping

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Pick-up Service

Save time and money with our everyday pick up service. Call our office with weights and dimensions and we can have your package picked up using our rates.

Prepping for Shipping

Proper preparation of your hides will ensure best outcome for your hides. Folding correctly will prevent cracks and breaks on face, feet and tail.

Palletized Shipments

Don’t hesitate to send us palletized shipments. Give us a call to help you schedule your shipments.

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