Other Tanning Services

Additional Services

  • 15% for short incision on American, game ranch, exotic and Asian (except whitetail deer capes)
  • 20% for life-sized dorsal cut on American, game ranch, exotic and Asian
  • 20% for short incision on African
  • 30% for life-sized dorsal cut on African
  • $60 charge for quarantine services on shipment received with live bugs
  • $30 for freight collection shipments

Additional charges will be added to all capes with shoulders longer than normal:

  • Deer $5.00 sq ft
  • Elk & Moose $6.00 sq ft
  • Bison $13.50 sq ft

Contact us for items not listed. Remove excess flesh, splitting lips & nostrils. The removing of tail bones, knuckles or turning will incur an additional cost based on the shop time designated per task.

Conversion Charges

In order to convert a WET TAN to a DRY TAN we must oil, dry, tumbled in a saw dust, comb and re-box your trophies. This service will be billed at material, labor and overhead costs (50% of regular cots).


Any skins that have been tanned somewhere other than our establishment and are sent in for a RE-TAN service is subject to a 100% charge of our listed tanning cost.

Estimated Turnaround Times

We offer competitive
turnarounds while maintaining
our excellent quality standards.

Wet Tanning : 30-50 Days
Dry Tanning : 90-120 Days

*All Tanning is at owner’s risk.
Hides such as Rhinoceros, Elephant, Hippopotamus, or Bison have a larger extended turnaround time.

45 Day RUSH Dry Tan
is 100% extra

15 Day RUSH Wet Tan
is 100% extra

If our quality control department deems any hide with damage “repairable” it will be continued and charged at regular tanning cost. We may call you to inform you about any rejected hides or capes.