Palletizing Your Shipment

Palletizing your Shipment

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LTL Freight shipments must have legs or be on a pallet for pallet jack use.

We’ll take care of necessary paperwork and pickup schedule

Place wood 2×4 legs with enough height clearance for pallet jack


    • Suggested pallet size 48″ x 40” inches or less
    • Pallet height six feet (72”) and under for best pricing. Max height allowed is eight feet (96”)
    • Do not select pallets with broken boards or protruding nail heads
    • Save a pallet for a later date, purchase from freight supplier or

Crate with legs

Protecting Your Palletized Shipment from Damage

Stretch Wrapping to Secure Shipment onto Pallet

  • Use strapping or banding to secure your shipment onto pallet
  • Stretch wrap (60 gauge or heavier). Five revolutions recommended to prevent boxes from shifting or separate from the load

Use Strapping or Banding

  • Strapping prevents pieces from getting lost or separated from the load. It should be drawn tightly to the load which may require running it underneath the top deck boards of the pallet.

Use Inside Corner/Edge Boards to fortify box
Example – large refrigerator, washing machine box.

  • Reinforce inside edges to protect from bending.
  • Corner boards increase vertical stacking strength, prevent damage to corner edges, and stabilize the load. They should extend to the full height and length of the load and should be used on all corners.

Pickup Shipment Label

  • We will email label(s) to you or have driver bring and place label onto box(es)
  • Utilize Wildlife Fur Dressing “Yellow Ship to Label(s).” Choose Wet Tan, Dry Tan or Rush Service
  • Tape or glue on label(s) on each side of the pallet and on top of the pallet. Please include telephone, cell phone number, complete contact & address information
  • Wood crate/box secure with screws or strapping. NO NAILS!
  • Wildlife Fur Dressing customer service representative will have scheduled & set estimated pick-up date.
  • 2 copies of LTL Freight pickup sheet – LTL Freight driver will affix tracking stickers on to your proof of pickup sheet. Call if you’re seeking to track shipment(s).

Picture Illustrating. Pallet sticking out from under, on the sides or top, will be considered additional size measurement. Odd shaped crate/box largest section is measured.

4” added to length by carrier due to pallet sticking out.
This incurred an additional $27 charge.

Wildlife Fur Dressing assumes details provided i.e. Dimensions, width and weight as is. LTL Freight or UPS will remeasure, weigh or reclassify. Additional charges will be due for received misinformation.