Pick Up Service

Freight or UPS Discount Rates

Stay in the comfort of your business or home.

We will do the leg work and pick up your shipment(s) so you can save time from having to drop off at a further location, which takes time out of your day and your business.

  • Patron (repeat) clients “Pay afterward shipment arrival at our location”
  • 1st time clients pay at time of request. While benefiting discounts and custom pick-up service

Simply call our customer service 209.538.2901

  • Provide number of box(s) or Crate(s).
  • Dimensions and weight.
  • Driver will provide labels upon arrival for pick up.

Call or email your Pick-Up request at [email protected] or 209.538.2901

  • Rule of thumb: Measure furthest point to length, width & height

Find more useful information in our Resources page