Quality Control

Partnering with you, our working partners!

Our industry is detail oriented, therefore quality control is a must.

  • Your skins are processed by trained professionals
  • Flagging a skin with an issue. You will receive to date email or call with regards
  • Bar none a quintessential daily routine of Wildlife Fur Dressing

Here is How!

  1. Quality received, quality returned
  2. Consistently testing set standard ph levels
  3. Field or prep care issue(s) we’ll notify you via email, call or text
  4. Your input counts with us
  5. Fleshers are vastly trained to steer away from any potential issue on skin (I.E. false cuts, skinner cuts, thin spots, cracks on lips, nose or ears). Any affected area will be cared for and left unfleshed for you to provide touch up. Care is of importance
  6. Addressing meticulous fleshing
  7. Cleanliness of leather and hair

Wildlife Fur Dressing sets standards that are regularly met. We work smart, expecting the best out of ourselves each day. Together, we strive to provide top-notch tanning, fleshing and customer service. Help us help you with quality received, quality returned.

Suggestion to Taxidermist: Notate shipping order form if any possible issue may arise. Notate shipping order form of any potential issue may arise. Notate your records, whom skinned and prepped an individual skin prior of shipping to tannery. Just as we keep tabs on our process and employees, we suggest you do the same.