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The Best Tanned Leather

Tanning leather takes far more than just a sharp knife. Understanding the anatomy, chemistry and time involved is what sets us apart. It requires dedication and attention to detail that best comes from experience. We have four generations and over 50 years of experience.

We do both dry tanning and wet tanning.


Our Process

After you have prepped the hides for shipping, you will send it to us where our receiving department will then punch-code all hides. We punch every two weeks and thereafter you will receive an acknowledgement with a summary of your order. The acknowledgement will reference your unique punch-code.

After being encoded and separated, the process will then enter the tanning process. Our shaving department include proven experts with consistent techniques. No matter what species, you can expect the best quality. Once the shavers and fleshers are done, the skins are sent over to our finish department. This entails but not limited to oiling, grooming, stretching, and drying all done manually by hand. Wildlife Fur Dressing have employees with over 20 years of experience with us. You will note that all skins are handled in a rigorous and meticulous manner so when they are done the finished leather is soft with substantial stretch.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control department holds high standards on our quality. We guarantee exceptional results rendered from our rigorous process. Part of the results is a long-lasting hide that will not deteriorate over time. Following our instructions, upon rehydrating you will notice the hide maintains a good stretch and upon drying you will notice the skins will not shrink. Our proprietary formula gives the hides a soft scent thus providing you with the exceptional results we stand behind.

Turn Times

Turn Times are subject to change during peak seasons. Please contact our office for current turn times. Heavier items will require more time.

Rush Service

Wet Tan – 15 business days; 75% additional fee
Dry Tan – 45 business days; 100% additional fee

Tanning Options

Tanning Options

Dry Tan

Superior quality that is pliable, soft, and durable. Our formula guarantees hides that do not shrink and will last for years. Periodical formula improvements are an important element of our business as we strive to make our process most efficient without sacrificing quality.

If the leather is drying up prior to mounting, follow our hydration instructions.

Wet Tan

Save time and take advantage of our wet tan option. The hide arrives to you already hydrated and ready to mount. Even if you can’t mount right away, you can preserve in the freezer. If Frozen, allow skin to defrost in plastic bag. Guaranteed to maintain original size and softness with our oils that prevent cracking after mounting.


Hydration Instructions

Please hydrate your hide using either spot hydration treatment or total hydration treatment. To Prepare Water: For every 5 gallons of lukewarm water, • Add one pound of salt and stir water to help dissolve salt. • Add one cup of Downy Liquid Fabric Softener, Woolite Liquid Detergent, OR Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Soap. Hydrating Your Hide: • Spot hydration treatment: Use a sponge to wet the leather while stretching it. Any excess water will need to be drained. • Total hydration treatment: Submerge the whole hide and dunk the skin for 2 minutes or less. After hydrating, drain excess water from hide for 2 minutes (preferably by hanging). Assure to drain excess water from bag. Please call for advice if skin has freezer burns.
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