Our Tanning Services

Wildlife Fur Dressing provides two types of fur preparation services to suit your needs: Wet Tanning and Dry Tanning.

Both types of tanning include our thorough and detailed fleshing process that removes any remaining muscle or fatty tissue from the hide, providing a soft, smooth finish. This extra fleshing also and that ensures that your finished hide can be easily used in whatever your final application might be, from sewing and stitching to mounting.

What’s the difference?
Understanding the difference between wet tanning and dry tanning is quite simple. The fleshing and treatment portions of the tanning process are largely the same for both types of tanning; the key difference between these services is in what happens after the hide working is complete.

Dry Tan

A dry tan means that your fur will undergo a drying process before we ship it back to you. The drying process a more supple fur, but it may be slightly smaller than the original.

Wet Tan

A wet tan means we ship the fur back to you prior to the drying process, and instead we apply a thin layer of oil to prevent cracking. This ensures that the original size is maintained.

Both wet tanning and dry tanning involve fleshing the fur completely to remove excess fat and muscle tissue. Both types of tanning also include a curing process that makes the skin more durable and less prone to the effects of aging. However, your choice of services determines what we do next.

Determining whether wet tanning or dry tanning is better for you depends on how you’re planning to use your fur. If you’re going to mount it, a wet tan is probably a better choice since the size won’t be affected. If you’re going to create garments or apparel from your fur, a dry tan would probably provide a more attractive finish.

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Estimated Turnaround

We offer competitive
turnarounds while maintaining
our excellent quality standards.

Wet Tanning : 30-50 Days

Dry Tanning : 90-120 Days

*Some hides require special care and more time to complete.