Dry Tanning

You get a clear advantage in mounting when you partner with Wildlife Fur Dressing.

Tan all of Noah's Ark with Wildlife Fur Dressing

Benefits of Dry Tanning

  • No additional charge on short incision, tubed or bur-to-bur incisions for Whitetail, Mule, Blacktail, or Coues Deer Capes
  • Superior pliability, stretch and resilience
  • Soft, supple feel that will last for years
  • Extremely clean fur and free of debris (exception to wool-matted sheep with excessive burrs, twigs, etc., embedded in hair)
  • Highly attractive, shiny coat

An additional 20 days turn time is required on elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, and mature male bison.

Hydration Instruction

  1. Add one pound of salt per 5 gallons of lukewarm water. Stir water to help dissolve salt
  2. Add to water:
    •  1 cup of Woolite Extra Delicate Detergent
    •  Substitution:  1 cup of Downy Liquid Fabric Softener
    •  Substitution:  1 cup of Dawn Ultra Dish Soap
  3. Submerge and check skin every 20 minutes, pending softness of water
    •  20 to 35 minutes small game: coyote, bobcat, wolf, javelina, etc.
    •  30 minutes to 1-hour large game: bear, elk, deer, moose, kudu, zebra, eland, etc.
  4. Please call for advice if you skin has freezer burns
Hard water or soft water can make a difference in rehydration time…
Important: thin skins may hydrate sooner than others.
Late Spring through Fall completion times are faster. Winter completion times may increase. 

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