Wet Tanning

Proven return to original size. Comparable differences are noted at mounting.
We suggest you try it on a couple of items, you will be impressed!

Wet Tan all of Noah's Ark with Wildlife Fur Dressing

Benefits of Wet Tanning

  • No additional charge on short incision, tubed or bur-to-bur incisions for Whitetail, Mule, Blacktail, or Coues Deer Capes
  • Year-round ground service returned. Bar none!
  • Fresh, original look
  • Maintains original size and softness while mounting
  • Oil treated to help prevent cracking after mounted
  • Minimal to no finish work required
  • Clean leather and hair
An additional 20 days turn time is required on elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, and mature male bison.

Hydration Instruction

If leather is drying up prior to mounting follow the hydration instructions below.

  1. Sponge: onto leather while stretching girth (let drain 2 minutes if dripping water)
  2. If needed, re-apply mixture, OR
  3. Dunking: skin 2 minutes or less. Drain excess water 2 minutes on a pole
  4. Per 5 gallons of lukewarm water:
  5. •  Add one pound of salt. Stir water to help dissolve salt
    •  Add one cup of Downy Liquid Fabric Softener
    •  Substitution:  add one cup of Woolite Liquid Detergent OR Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Soap
  6. When ready to mount, allow skin to defrost in plastic bag. Assure to drain excess water from bag.
  7. Please call for advice if skin has freezer burns.
Skin(s) may not require hydration

Competitive turnarounds while maintaining our excellence quality standards.
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