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International Shipments
Wildlife Fur Dressing is approved to receive all international shipments. You will be required to select a broker to receive the shipment initially in the USA. Once you contact them, you advise that your shipment will need to be sent to us and the broker will then send all required documentation directly to us. Click here for our recommended brokers whom we most often work with. When we receive your shipment, we will call you for your instructions. If we cannot get ahold of you, we will automatically wet tan all capes and dry tan any flat hides. If the shipment contains separate hunters, then we will mark separate code numbers if possible. All items, including crate, will need to be treated and inspected. There are additional fees for any swine or primate treatments.



Hunter International Brokerage Services, Inc.

Lynn Javier
5674 Stoneridge, Dr. Suite 309
Pleasanton, CA, 94588
Phone: (925) 417-5270 ext 102

Hunter International

Coppersmith Global Logistics

Jeremy de la Cruz Email: 434 Rozzi Place South San Francisco, CA, 94080 Phone: (650) 872-1070

Coppersmith Global Logistics
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