Clients hunting abroad require clearance paperwork to bring back their trophies. Contact our experienced customer service staff at 209.538.2901 / [email protected]

USDA Approved & Certified since 1984

Our mission is to provide you, our taxidermy patron clients and your hunters, the assistance from brokerage company towards returning your trophies back home.

Once shipments are opened and inventoried, they are repackaged. Shortly after you will be billed for shipping charges. This is usually within a couple of weeks of receipt.

We do not have the storage area to hold skulls and horns. Once billed for the shipping fees, we allow 10 days for payment. 

No boiling charge on swine or primate skulls and tusks when entire order is tanned at Wildlife Fur Dressing. 
* see price list conditional agreement

  • Swine & primate must be tanned before returning.
  • Multiple hunters we’ll mark separate code numbers for¬†identification. Barring skin(s) come tagged with hunter(s) name.